Our Story

The founders of the school are the two brothers Abrahim Sharriff (right) and Rodgers Opiyo (left).
Shariff and his wife live in a suburb of Nakuru together with their four children, very close to the Rhonda Slum. Through Shariff and his family, some volunteers have already had the opportunity to experience Kenyan culture and understand the necessity of the school project.
Rodgers also lives close to the school with his family. They too have a big heart and an open door. Children, who do not have their own family find a home with him.

The project started off with eight children in a large open-air space. The aim was to get them off the streets, provide them with food and water and offer them a daily structure. This had to be canceled in case of rain.
With the time and donations of the people who believed in the brother’s vision a school project was created. Rooms were built from corrugated iron sheets. Back then it was great progress to install windows and doors and purchase blackboards and a water tank.
Today we have a “proper”, multi-storey building with classrooms, office spaces, a canteen and a big schoolyard with lots of play equipment.

Our Schools in Comparison