Help for Hope e.V.

Welcome to Help for Hope e.V.
We fund the Hope Menorah Primary School in Nakuru, Kenya.

Our work at Help for Hope e.V. is based on a strong bond between Kenya and Germany.

We would like to invite you to take a look at our homepage and show you why this project means so much to us.

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Mehr Informationen

Who we are

The Organization

The non-profit organization Help for Hope e.V. was founded by us, Leonie Werski and Alina Müller. Our aim is to give children the chance to a better future through education. Seeing the devotion of Kenyans with regards to this self-initiated school project amazes us everyday.

Together with our Kenyan colleagues, our families, friends and our organization, we have already been able to achieve and improve a lot.

Because of our growing expectations and visions to ensure better living conditions for our students, and to continue to impact their lives positively, we depend on donations.

Our Mission

With Help for Hope e.V. we work towards development and crime prevention in social projects in Africa.

Until now, we are limiting our funding to the Hope Menorah Primary School in Kenya.

With your help, we are able to provide basic needs and subsistence to children coming from poor living conditions in the Rhonda Slum.

We are a small nonprofit organization. We bear the costs of running the organization ourselves, with the exception of small bank transfer fees; therefore, we guarantee that the donations are used for their primary purposes in Kenya.

The travel and living costs from the volunteers are financed privately and not covered by the organization.

Until 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), established by the UN, should be accomplished, working towards social, ecologic and economic development of the global community.
With our work at Help for Hope e.V., we contribute to the achievement of these goals.

By 2030, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the UN are to be achieved for the social, ecological, and economic development of the global community. With our work at Help for Hope e.V., we are contributing to these goals:

Do you want to support us?

With your membership, you ensure that we can plan your monthly or yearly contribution as a fixed income.
You can determine your desired amount starting from 2€ per month or 24€ per year, which we would deduct from your account monthly/annually.

We issue donation receipts!
In the first quarter of the following year, we are able to issue you with a donation receipt starting from a minimum amount of 300€.

For an annual donation of up to 300€, the German tax office only needs simple proof (e.g. a screenshot of the bank transfer). A donation receipt is therefore not required.

With your membership, no further engagement with regards to the organization is expected from or required by you.

By pressing the button our digital membership application is opened and ready to be filled out.

Support without Membership


One-time donations are also a way to support us without being a member.
Press the button and donate via Paypal or transfer your donation to the account of our organization:

Name: Help for Hope e.V.
IBAN: DE48 4416 0014 6606 4787 00
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Here you can reach us.

Do you have any questions or ideas? You can contact us at any time!

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