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1st Chairwoman

Leonie was in Nakuru for the first time in 2016 and has traveled to Kenya every year ever since. Apart from her voluntary work in the organization she works as an addiction therapist full-time.

“I am incredibly grateful for the experiences that the people of Kenya have given me and for the many meaningful relationships that have been formed over the past few years. I couldn’t imagine a better place to invest my energy in the most purposeful activity for me: Giving children the chance to a self-determined future and giving them the feeling that they are believed in and deserve to be individually recognized and supported!”


2nd Chairwoman

Alina has lived in Kenya several times over longer periods ever since she first got involved with the project in 2017. She works as a special needs teacher in Germany.
“In almost every part of the world there is hunger, poverty and violated basic needs.
Where do you even start to help?
I ended up in Kenya as luck would have it and immediately fell in love with the culture and people. Together we have set up a wonderful school project that gives children at Hope the chance to a better future. For me, the best feedback are the cheerful faces of our students!”



As our friend, Marvin has been following the project from Germany from the very beginning and visited Kenya for the first time in 2022. He works in outpatient healthcare.

“I am happy to support the project in my role as treasurer. I like the easy and positive cooperation with our friends in Kenya. This allows us to drive the development of the school forward. Within two years we were able to turn a day care center made out of corrugant iron huts into a state recognized school, which will continue to grow over the next years, giving the children a future through free education. That makes me proud!”

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