As a nonprofit organization we depend on donations to continue with our project.

Your donations

Single donation

A single donation makes a big difference! No matter how big or small the contribution, every cent benefits the children in school.

We issue donation receipts!

For an annual donation of up to 300€ the tax office only needs a simple proof (e.g. a screenshot of the bank transfer). A donation receipt is therefore not required.

One-time donations are a way to support us, without being a member.
Press the button and donate via Paypal or transfer your donation to the account of our organization:

Name: Help for Hope e.V.
IBAN: DE48 4416 0014 6606 4787 00
Intended Use: your email address (for issuing the donation receipt)

Note: The character “@” is not possible, use “at” instead

The impact of your donation

The donations will benefit the Hope Menorah Primary School.
Owing to the fact that school in Kenya costs, many children living in the slums do not have the opportunity to receive education.
Help for Hope e.V. enables education for these children at Hope Menorah Primary School free of cost.

We use the donations to fund

– food
– property rent
– water, electricity and internet access
– salaries of the project management, teachers, administrative staff, social worker, cooks and caretaker
– pension and health insurance of Kenyan team
– materials for school and school uniforms including sports suits
– Medical examinations (once per term – three times per year)
– fieldtrips with the children and participation in competitions

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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